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Monday 10 June 2024

Korra Obidi's ex husband Justin Dean granted a restraining order against ex wife Korra Obidi.

June 10, 2024 0

Korra Obidi's ex husband Justin Dean just announced to his fans that he has been granted a restraining order against his ex wife Korra Obidi.

This is coming fews weeks after the ex wife set up a go fund account to enable her raise funds to hire lawyers that will help her fight against her ex husband in court.

According to Korra Obidi the go fund account was over due as her fans has been insistent on her setting up prior to this time but she was lagging on it,It was set up after the last straw was drawn by her ex husband who filled a claim to facebook against Korra posting their children on Social media especially Meta.

Korra Obidi has a video of her Kids with their grandfather which is Korra's father deleted and removed from facebook at the claim of her ex husband despite the video having over 2 million views within hours of posting.

This particular act enraged Korra who sought financial help from her fans.

Fews weeks after that she announced that she have hired two lawyers to represent her in Court.

But it seems the ex husband moved faster than her and has already gotten a restraining order against her from mentioning his name on social media.

According to the ex husband,Korra could risk a jail term or possibly deported if  she fails to adhere to this court order.






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